Support for Living Life as an Energetic Being


A Safe, Nurturing Container to Allow You the Space to Connect Within


Creating Authentic Connection


When we feel cared for, we feel full and safe.

Here we provide a warm space that allows for validation, acceptance and plenty of room for evolutionary growth.

This monthly membership provides a container for all of the incoming energetic conversations that I engage Within myself

Similar to the way in which a parent can actively and consciously lend their nervous system to nurture their child's own healthy development, the intention of this space is to hold you in its very fabric...

A space where you can connect in a healthy way with the ongoing universal communication that makes up the very essence of who we are as energy based human beings.

The intention of this space is to provide a framework, that you may eventually learn and emulate this process for your own personal use.

As your own transformational energetic

(ener genetic :: unique)

experience within a human body.

By spending time here, the intent is that you absorb and witness within, the transformational power of harnessing the energetic process in yourself...the unfolding of thoughts, ideas and impulses into a desired actuality.

Until such time that you feel safe and supported.

That you may consciously begin to lend yourself to the well being and development of all things within your environment.

We can grow and expand together through the fabric of sharing evolutionary energetic interactions.


'An Evolutionary Pathway'


 Our deepest desire is that you will learn to remember Yourself as the unique (ener) genetic experience of Source that you are, rather than the by product of a life experienced through unintentional living. 

When you harness this remembrance through your conscious mind in every moment, this becomes your power to create a completely new lived experience.


-Architects of Light

49 USD


Haeven Pathway

Finding Your Way

 If You Are...

Awakening to the Knowing of your  Energetic Self as Love

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65 USD


Haeven Journey

Coming Home to Your Way

If You Are...

Learning to Embody as Love on Life's Journey

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125 USD


 Haeven Embodiment

Living as The Way

If You Are...

Embracing your Path and Your Journey in Love

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Haeven Space

your truest life awaits 

we hope you will join us!