Paige's STORY


I’ve spent the last 8 years exploring and sifting through my own trauma experiences in an attempt to find healing. Along the way I began to develop a broad scope of understanding around the intricate connections between the higher order energetics of our LifeForce essence (which the human experiences as impulses and intuition), and how it reveals into the physical form of the human body experience. It is of particular interest to me to seek out and find the discrepancies that lie hidden between the Soul's path and the lived experience we are having within this human vessel.

I serve as a guide to help find how these energies are showing up in life, and where these patterns source from in the energy fields. From there we can dismantle the story that has been attached to it so that we can move forward in life unencumbered by the burdens of our past.

the path less TRAVELED 


My belief is that we are all indeed whole, and always connected to our Source and Intelligent LifeForce. Yet as a result of simply EXISTING on this plane, certain energies and imbalances were applied to us even before the moment we were conceived. Often times we find that repeated and unwanted patterns have a deeper source than just one's inability to overcome life's challenges. There is no shame or guilt in owning the way that we are showing up and experiencing this lifetime, as this is all part of the unique process of the Soul's human journey. It is in the process of clearly seeing what is holding us back that we are able to fully face the past of our experiences. From this place, we are able to release into the freedom of our true Self.